Short Hair Styling Process

Throughout the years in hairdressing and hairstyling, this is the question that comes up often, “Can I get a discount for short hairstyling?”, “Why is short hair styling the same price as the long hairstyling”. Less hair doesn’t mean is equal to simpler techniques or taking a shorter time. Styling short hair is actually trickier sometimes if not done right. Because the style relies heavily on shape, meaning a good haircut is fundamental to great short hair styling.

Barbers are hairstylists who are mainly trained to handle clippers and fade from skin short hair to however long the clients’ requests. Because it leaves no room for mistakes, unlike longer hair, stylists would have some more hair to play around with and make the adjustment if aren’t perfect, every intention has to be precisely made and every details matter.

Here is the breakdown of step-by-step that I would do on clients with short hair.

1) Based on references, assess the shape of the client’s hairstyle. Making adjustments to the haircut as needed it.

short woman haircut

2) Use the water-based products, such as mousse, thickening spray, or root volumizer. Blow it out with a hairdryer and really lift the roots by using a small brush or claw brush.

woman short hair blowdryer

3) Use the hot tool to adjust the shape. Use a flat iron for a smoother texture or a smaller barrel curling iron to alter the ends. Be careful not to burn the client’s head, it’s much closer to the scalp due to the length.

woman short haircut flatiron

4) Using the finishing product, such as wax for a matte finish or gel for a more wet-look finish. By using the tip of the fingers, gently distribute mainly to the roots in the opposite direction that you would like the hair to go. By doing so, you are using the maximum strength of the product to direct every single strand of hair to the desired finishing look.

Last but not the least, spray hairspray to lock the look.

Styling short hair is similar to men’s haircutting, it focus on shape and details. Every details cannot be hide and every detail matters. Do you have a whole new perspective about the short hair?

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