How to create silky soft straight hair

Written by Andy Tseng

People often complain that they can’t keep their straight hair tamed for an entire day and freed of frizzes. This is because people don’t realized that it requires more than just a simple blowout or flat iron work in order to achieve that all-day shiny, silky straight hair look. The truth is, a little help from the right hair products will go a long way in observing the structure of the hair strands and maintaining the silky, smooth hair you desire. 

As a professional hairstylist with years of experience, I can determine the ideal iron temperature to use after observing the texture and the condition of one’s hair. Then incorporating the use of proper heat protecting products, I can further ensure the hair stays hydrated and stress-free.

You may ask, “What if I don’t have that much experience to know what iron temperature to use?”

Don’t worry, I’ve got some tips for you.

The most important step before you use the flat iron is to make sure all the cuticles of each strand of hair are closed. In order to do so, you have to properly blow dry your hair down towards the ends. Heat and wind are the the best way to set and seal the cuticles, ensuring a long lasting style and smooth finish. Flat iron is then used to enhance the result by further sealing the cuticles and keep the shine.

Here are the steps broken down:

1.) Observe and exam the condition of the hair.

2.) Damp hair with water and blow dry the hair from root to tip. comb the hair down with a hair brush to give tension to help close the hair cuticles.

3) Make sure the hair is completely dry but not overly dried. The best way to ensure that is by switching to cold-air setting at about 90% dryness and finishing it off with a quick cool blast. (Product suggestion: GHD Hair dryer and Flat Iron)

4.) Divide hair into multiple workable sections.

5.) Start from the back section. Apply a heat protection spray of your choice, then press with the iron. (Product suggestion: Keratage White Line Keratin Thermal Protection Spray)

6.) Comb it through while spraying a shine & sheen spray of your choice- it will help tame the hair. (Product suggestion: Kenra Shine Spray)

7.) Spray a light layer of hairspray by holding the spray about 3 feet away from the head. This final step will help eliminate any small flyaways. (Product suggestion: Elnett Hairspray)

Portland Wedding hair and makeup.
Portland bridal hair and makeup.
Vancouver wedding hair and makeup.
Vancouver bridal hair and makeup.
PDX wedding hair and makeup.
PDX bridal hair and makeup.


Portland Wedding makeup and hair.
Portland bridal makeup and hair.
Vancouver wedding makeup and hair.
Vancouver bridal makeup and hair.
PDX wedding makeup and hair.
PDX bridal makeup and hair


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