2023 Bridal Makeup Trend

Happy new year all my beautiful people! As a wedding makeup artist, one thing I love to do in the beginning of every year is to make prediction on what are the wedding makeup trend in the new year.

What will be trendy in 2023? What will our PNW brides want this year? Will it be more natural, or more dramatic? Will brides want to look like they’re wearing no makeup at all, or will they go for full glamour?

Here are our bridal makeup trend predictions for all the upcoming 2023 weddings! (Stay tuned for our predictions for wedding hair styling in our next blog post)

The No-Makeup Makeup Look

The no-makeup makeup look is all about enhancing your natural beauty and letting the focus be on you and your big day. This is really a perfect look for brides-to-be who don’t wear any makeup on the daily basis. Please don’t confused the No-Makeup Makeup Look with not wearing makeup. There is a big difference! No makeup makeup is not about wearing no makeup at all, but it’s really about letting your face shine through. It’s perfect for brides who don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis since they will feel more comfortable not having heavy contouring applied to their face. No need to worry, though—this look still can be photographed well. Makeup artist has to understand lighting and contrast to make sure brides still look beautiful in photograph as in person.

No-Makeup Makeup Look with soft wavy hairstyle

Warm and Glowy Skin

Warm and glowy skin is THE look to go for in bridal makeup for brides who want have a soft sun-kissed look on the skin. This style of makeup is perfect for all skin tones. With the rise of sleek minimalism, warm and glowy skin is becoming extremely popular. The natural effect is youthful and glowing—the perfect look for brides who want to have the super model glow on their big day.

I personally love using Melanie Mills Hollywood products to create the beautiful glow.

Wispy Eyelashes

A great way to add definition, drama and flair to your bridal look is with wispy eyelashes. The wispy effect gives the illusion of eyelashes that are naturally thicker than they actually are, creating a dramatic look. Wispy lashes accentuate the eyes and can be added in place of false lashes or on top of them for an extra glamorous effect!

wispy eyelash trend look

Soft, Smoky Eyes

Classic soft smoky eyes is another timeless wedding makeup look. A soft smoky eye can have a dramatic effect and make your eyes appear larger, but it’s not too harsh or bold. You can accentuate your eyes with gold or copper hues to create a more modern look.

couple photoshoot on the beach with soft smoky eye makeup and high ponytail hairstyle

Strong Brows

Strong brows are back in a big way, so it’s time to fill in your eyebrows.

Strong brows are a must-have for brides who want to enhance their features on their wedding day and make them stand out.

Strong brows are a great way to define your face, so if you don’t have strong eye brows, it’s best to go ahead and get them done professionally before the big day.

Skinny brows are out. They are out in the bridal makeup world. Listen to the bridal wedding pros, don’t listen to the tiktok star.

strong brow makeup look and soft wavy hair tuck behind ears.

These are the trends that brides are looking for in 2023.

The look is really all about the eyes.

  • Wispy eyelashes: The wispiest, lightest-looking lashes you can imagine! They make your eyes look bigger and brighter, and it’s just so pretty to see how they flutter in the light.
  • Classic timeless soft smoky eyes: This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a classic look that always works no matter what year or era you’re in
  • Strong brows: Lots of women are getting their eyebrows microbladed these days; they’re much more defined than regular eyebrow hairs but still natural looking compared to thick penciled-on arches from decades past! Strong brows are here to stay for sure!


Although we are making predictions for bridal makeup trend for 2023, but I personally think the makeup trends described in this article will likely be popular for years to come among brides.

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