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  1. Hairstyling Tool Review: Dyson Ariwrap Styler

    2022-03-30 04:18:40 UTC

    By Andy Tseng “Is Dyson Airwrap Styler a good hairstyling tool to have?” Many clients have been asking me about my thought on Dyson Airwrap Styler. They want to know if it’s worth adding it to the beauty investment. Dyson Airwrap is a multi-purpose hairstyling tool. Not only you can…

  2. How To Create Effortless Bridal Hair Updo

    2022-03-16 05:06:00 UTC

    By Andy Tseng A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about one of the summer weddings I did at The Orchard in Hood River. It was an amazing wedding venue surrounded by gorgeous mountains and the smell of fruit trees. Today, I would like to share the nine-step…

  3. Scandinavian braid style vs Bohemian style

    2021-09-05 05:32:56 UTC

    Written by Andy Tseng The big, soft and loose hairstyle has definitely been the most sought-after look among brides and bridesmaids in the PNW region (Portland PDX, Seattle WA, Vancouver WA). There are many variations and each offers its own uniqueness. Beginning with the Scandinavian-braid style, like the name suggests,…

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